Our Third Taoseki Dinner:  Japan — Tuesday, August 28th

Kaiseki is a form of Japanese dining that draws its philosophy from 16th century tea ceremony traditions in Kyoto, Japan. At its core is the belief that we are at our best when we experience every moment with one another as if it were a once-in-a-lifetime gathering. And as a culinary expression, Kaiseki is a reflection of the season—an intricate rhythm of taste, texture, appearance and color brought forth in a progression of courses.  At Tao Yuan, we aim to pay homage to the style by presenting a series of kaiseki-style dinners- which we are playfully dubbing “Taoseki”- from various Asian countries:  Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, and Korea.

Join us for the third of these Taoseki dinners, priced at 98 dollars per person, on Tuesday the 28th of August, where we take a tour of Japan. Truly elevate your dining experience is our 38 dollar beverage pairing, carefully crafted and widespread in its scope.


To make a reservation, please call 207.725.9002, book online HERE, or email