Happy New Year of the Pig

10 February 2019
$48 per person

Chilled Chili Noodles with Szechuan Oil

scallion, pork floss, sesame

Chinese Style Romaine

roasted enoki, Shanxi vinegar, sesame dressing

Asian Slaw

shaved cabbage, snow peas, fried shallots

Pork Soup Dumpling

scallion, ginger

Shrimp and Bacon Potstickers

water chestnuts, scallion

Grandma Tang’s Baked Bun

roasted pork, brown bean paste, black pepper, garlic

Pork Ribs
Pan Seared Scallops

soy milk custard, imperial broth

Rice Cakes with Chinese Sausage


Black Sesame Mochi in Osmanthus Syrup

Menu subject to change.