Sunday Dinner


April 14th, 2019

Spicy Mint Salad

chili oil, soy, rice vinegar


Charred Eggplant

tomato salad


Fried Goat Cheese

sugar, Sichuan pepper


Crossing the Bridge Noodles

poached chicken, rice noodles, wood ear mushrooms


Fried Shrimp

pu-erh tea leaves, ginger, garlic



Wok Sautéed Maitake Mushrooms

Thai bird chili, scallion, star anise


Yunnan Style Mashed Potatoes

cured ham, scallion, ginger, garlic


Minced Duck

lemongrass, chili, lime leaf, lettuce cups




Iced Peanut Milk and

Rose Petal Cakes